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The Latest 2023 movie “Jailer” is a film that celebrates the aura of Superstar Rajinikanth, featuring Tiger Muthuvel Pandian (Rajinikanth) on a mission to seek revenge for his son’s death against a mafia dealing in temple antique artifacts. The movie revolves around family dynamics, emotions, and unexpected conflicts that put his loved ones in danger. With dynamic cameos by Mohanlal and Shiva Rajkumar, “Jailer” is a blend of drama, emotion, and mass moments that resonate with hardcore fans of Rajinikanth. The film’s narrative is driven by father-son relationships, supported by a strong background score by Anirudh that elevates the mass moments to another level. Despite some shortcomings in the screenplay, Jailer is a decent entertainer that shines in parts, especially during Rajinikanth’s iconic moments and the impactful cameos. Overall, “Jailer” is a movie that successfully celebrates the stardom of Rajinikanth and delivers enough moments to captivate audiences and emerge as a box office winner.

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Duration: 165 Min
Revenue:$ 72.997.485,00

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