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“Kathal” is a bold and progressive Bollywood movie directed by Jeo Baby, focusing on queer love and led by renowned actors Mamootty and Jyothika. The film delves into the intertwined lives of dysfunctional families against the backdrop of the picturesque countryside of Punjab, revolving around the discovery of a murdered Nri just days before his wedding. Noteworthy is the multilingual approach of the movie, seamlessly incorporating both Hindi and Punjabi languages to add authenticity and richness to the narrative. The director, Randeep Jha, skillfully takes audiences on a thrilling journey in ‘Kohrra,’ emphasizing the importance of silence in certain parts of the narrative to enhance depth and suspense. Additionally, the movie features Sanya Malhotra in a lead role, adding to the diverse and talented cast of the film.

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Tagline:A Jackfruit Mystery
Duration: 115 Min

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